Normally, December is a month when people get victimized by other human beings from holiday Internet scams and porch piracy. Having Christmas package deliveries snagged by critters in the middle of the night is a rarity, but it happened to me Tuesday and I captured it all on video.

Christmas is both an exciting and stressful time. Our children wait all year to find out if they've been good enough to get paid a visit by Santa Clause. The thought of someone (or something in this case) stealing a gift intended for a family member is enough to upset anyone.

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Have you ever had a Christmas package get jacked by a critter in the dark of the night? I wouldn't believe it had my security camera not captured the act Tuesday evening (December 6).

I awoke Wednesday morning and did what I always do. I walked downstairs and turned on the Keurig. As I was grabbing a coffee mug for both my wife and me, I looked out my kitchen window and into a neighbor's backyard. I saw what looked like one of those white, Amazon packages lying on the frozen grass. I instantly thought of three postal alerts I received just prior to hitting the sack. Something told me to go investigate it.

My neighbor's house is vacant as it's for sale. We knew each other well enough that going over into his former yard to retrieve the item wouldn't have been a big deal. As I picked it up, I saw my name on it. How did an item I ordered as a Christmas gift for a family member end up sitting in my neighbor's yard all night?

My wife and I soon discovered after reviewing security camera footage that a theft had taken place. A fox discovered the package and ran off with it into the night. Thankfully, it didn't care enough about what was inside to really attempt to open it. It was a hockey hoodie I ordered and wasn't damaged at all.

attachment-my hockey jersey
My hockey jersey laying on neighbor's lawn after fox dragged it over; Photo by Greg Jannetta

This is an important reminder for Twin Falls residents to heed those postal alerts and retrieve package deliveries as soon as your phone alerts you. It's not always two-legged animals we need to watch out for when trying to prevent holiday theft.

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