Add this to the list of things I never really thought about. What do wild cats think of our man-made hunting decoys?

Watch This Idaho Mountain Lion Get Confused By A Mediocre Deer Decoy

I'm not a hunter so this isn't something I've ever concerned myself with. I do know that I've seen a lot of decoys that don't really look much like their animal representations though. In this video caught by an Idaho hunter a young mountain lion is seen approaching a deer decoy and then just seems confused as he sniffs the mock animal.

Are Wild Animals Actually Fooled By Game Decoys

Credit Sportsman's Warehouse/
Credit Sportsman's Warehouse/

Have you ever seen this when you go hunting? Does the same thing happen with bird decoys? I get that they work, otherwise hunters wouldn’t be using them. But if you really look at some of the game decoy options - they aren’t that great if you’re paying attention. Are animals just not perceptive?

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There was a video a few years ago that showed a male deer who was so deceived by a doe decoy that he tried to mate with it. That video was hilarious and ended with the decoy's head falling off due to the buck's enthusiasm.

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