I've seen many things during my time in Southern Idaho, but this may be the strangest of them all. I've found a video of 3 people walking around Twin Falls in fur suits and it's not weird at all.

The funny thing is there's no context for this. Here's part of their explanation on Vimeo:

Fursuiting on a nice sunny day, out at Twin Falls, ID, during our summer road trip.

They act like wearing a fur suit is the most normal thing in the world. What I also find hilarious is that if you watch other people in the video, no one seems to be alarmed/concerned/afraid that there are people in fur suits walking by them.

I made the mistake of looking this up and found out that fursuiting is a thing. Really. There's a Wikipedia page to prove it. According to that, this has been going on for 24 years. Where have I been?

I cast no stones against our furry human friends as I grew up watching H.R. Pufnstuff.

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