After giving you a week to submit your pet photos and two weeks to vote, we have a winner to our 2020 Summer Pet Photo Contest

This year we had a lot of great pics of your pets enjoying outdoor life.  From swimming, to boating, or a face out the window on a summer drive... Idaho dogs know how to enjoy Summer.

Courtney Nielsen from Shoshone submitted this picture of her dog Waylon earned over 53% of the votes. Congratulations Courtney and Waylon!  We hope you enjoy your time at Roaring Springs! Our only recommendation to Waylon is that he keep one paw on the wheel if he's going to take the driver's seat. :)

We'd like to thank Valley View Veterinary Clinic for partnering with us for this contest. Also thanks to everyone who submitted photos and participated. It was really fun looking through all your pictures.

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