Man, I was having a pretty good day today. Then I read what some schmucks wrote about Twin Falls on Urban Dictionary.

I love this town. Does it have its faults and quirks? Sure. You won't find a place without them.

We got the sense reading these that there are some pretty crazy back stories (which we'd also love to read, hint hint, if you were one of the authors of these).

But seriously, you can go on to Urban Dictionary right now and add your own definitions of Twin Falls!

Here are the definitions straight from the Urban horse's mouth:

  • A place where your last name means everything. If you're not from Twin Falls, your parents aren't from Twin Falls, and your Grandparents aren't from Twin Falls, you don't matter.A place where one can get a degree from the University of Idaho, short returning to Twin Falls to pursue a career in insurance, high school teaching, or knowing somebody.
  • A place where one can be caught committing adultery with a co-worker's wife, and still be regarded as professional.
  • A place where it is perceived that the end of the world is the other side of the Snake River Canyon. Where residents actually believe culture exists. Where males outdo each other by the size of their Ford Trucks. Where the idea of doing things in life outside of Twin Falls, is unheard of.
  • A place where style does not exist. One can be considered stylish by simply shopping at The Buckle, American Eagle, or Zumiez. Brands like Lucky, Big Star, Affliction, Tapout, and Fox are actually okay to wear.

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