Greg Jannetta

When it comes to Halloween, I'm not the one in my family to take on carving pumpkins. That duty lies with my wife, who is FAR superior than I at it.

Last night while knocking out a few of our Halloween movie favorites, we started the pumpkin carving process. And when I say we, I mean my wife. The first two of three pumpkins went under the carving tool last night. "Sally," from "The Nightmare Before Christmas," and Jack Skellington's faithful dog "Zero," were the chosen designs.

Here are a few of the creations she has carved out over the last few Halloweens. I won't include any of mine, because they are just too awful. My wife has been kicking my butt in the carving department for over a decade now. My costumes are better though.


"Jack Shellington," photo by Greg Jannetta


"Zero." Photo by Greg Jannetta


"Headless Horseman." Photo Greg Jannetta


"Zero." Photo by Greg Jannetta


"Sally." photo Greg Jannetta

Who is the best in your family? Let's see it.