A travel and leisure website recently compiled a list of the prettiest waterfalls in every state. What has become known as "The Niagara of the West," here in Twin Falls, did not make the cut.

A recent piece by MSN Lifestyle titled, 'The Most Gorgeous Waterfall In Every State," is an effort by staffer Tina Donvito to pinpoint the most awe-inspiring falls across the country. When I revealed to a co-worker what this journalist chose as the Gem State's most majestic release of downward traveling water, his response was..."Where's that?"

According to Donvito, Fall Creek Falls is Idaho's most eye-catching waterfall...or in this case...falls. The series of falls that extend in upwards of 60 feet, is located Swan Valley, which is about 200 miles northeast of Twin Falls.

I haven't seen Fall Creek Falls for myself, which is indeed a stunning visual, but I have stood many times on the platform overlooking Shoshone Falls, and can't help but think Donvito's opinion probably doesn't align with the majority of Idahoans.

Do you think this author's opinion best represents Idaho?

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