The Idaho Transportation Department put up the 'Welcome to Idaho' sign for auction that was once located at the Idaho-Nevada border along US 93. Although they had no idea that two parties were going to get into a bidding war for it on the last day of the auction with the final bid coming in at $11,200 according to KTVB.

The sign is 4 feet tall by 8 feet wide and is covered with stickers from people passing by wanting to leave a little something behind. Because this was such an attraction for people ITD is now putting two signs where the old sign used to stand. One will replace the old one and say "Welcome to Idaho", the second sign will be in the shape of Idaho and will be designated for people to place stickers on as they wish.

The bidding on the old sign started slow with just a $100 bid, but that grew to $1,600 then $4,500 and finally landed on $11,200. The winning bidder did request to remain anonymous but agreed to pick up the sign this week.

The money raised will go toward either a safety project in the area or toward an innovation project. After the success of this auction ITD is planning to continue this method of auctioning off items as a way to stretch taxpayer dollars in the future.

Hopefully we find out eventually what the new sign owner plans to do with his newly acquired purchase. This has to be one of the most expensive road signs ever auctioned off.

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