On Saturday, my wife asked me if I would sit down and watch a show with her she had heard about from someone that was filmed in Twin Falls in November of 2019. I said, "Sure!"

In my line of work, we share information all day long. It's my job to try to find things out before others. So, after watching the Twin Falls debut episode of "We're Here," I can't for the life of me figure out how I was totally in the dark on this one.

The program is in its first season on HBO. At first, when it started, I turned to my wife and asked her, "Are you sure this is the show?" Then, BOOM, I see three drag queens walking in downtown Twin Falls, one of them cracking a whip. I knew at this point I was going to be in for a wild ride.

I seem to recall hearing of a drag event that The Orpheum had put on last year, but I had no idea that an episode of a television series was being shot there. Drag shows, or television shows about the drag lifestyle, aren't normally my cup of tea, but this specific episode was done extremely well.

The show's three main characters were at one time contestants on "RuPaul's Drag Race," on the VH1 network. There names are "Bob the Drag Queen," "Eureka O'Hara" and "Shangela Laquifa Wadley," and they travel about the United States trying to help and encourage people who dabble in the lifestyle in their own home towns. It's a "breaking down the barriers" type of show.

There are many recognizable Twin Falls landmarks throughout the episode, which is just one of six. I particularly found the relationship between a local man, and practicing drag queen, and his accepting grandfather to be the highlight of the episode.

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