We all like to dream about what we would do if we had a ton of money...for most of us that is just a dream. For others it is reality and you can buy whatever you want. Sometime the rich just buy the most expensive things because it is the most expensive. Well if you are rich and looking for a house you may wonder what does the most expensive house in Twin Falls look like.

Well look no further - because this is it...and it's less than a Million dollars.

Most Expensive Twin Falls Home For Sale - Zwillow

This house is the first house that my wife saw in Twin Falls when we were driving down to Centennial Park and said she wanted it. Granted I am poor so we settled for something else (but if you are rich and looking to buy a house for fun and want to give it to me afterwards - that would be cool). The house is really cool just by itself with the stucco exterior and awesome interior. But - the real beauty is the view from the backyard. I hope you aren't afraid of heights because your view is a 400+ foot drop into the Snake River Canyon!

Check out all the pictures on the Buy Twin Falls website and let us know if you would like to live there.

UPDATE - Since I started writing this post another more expensive house came up...but I like the current one better. But in case you are curious here is the new leader in most expensive houses for sale in Twin Falls.

New Most Expensive House In Twin Falls - buytwinfallshomes.com