I’m of the impression the President wouldn’t mind commanding the Enterprise.  Like Captain Kirk would know, there are always plenty of babes available.  Also, both men have a healthy skepticism of aliens.  Trump could even co-opt some opponents.  Pointy eared Max Boot could serve as science officer. 

It deals with protecting satellite technology

Before you start envisioning battles with China involving photon torpedoes it won’t be quite as entertaining as a TV show or movie.  It deals with protecting satellite technology.  A great deal of what we now hear and see bounces off an object above the earth before it reaches us and the same for men and women working in military and intelligence services.

The idea isn’t new and it’s also not along the lines of a space based missile defense system envisioned during the Reagan era.

I found some basic details at a website called space.com.  While it’s not a long-winded scientific spiel it offers simple details.

As future budgets tighten it could be a better bang for the buck than old fashioned boots on the ground.

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