Alpha Phi, University of Idaho via Facebook

Every year academic institutions across the country produce their own recruitment videos in an effort to entice freshman, or students looking to transfer colleges. In the case of sororities and fraternities, it's an effective tool to promote the best the school (and city) has to offer, along with conveying the sense of brother or sisterhood that will be extended to incoming students.

As I was scrolling through the Idaho YouTube channel, I came across this video recently produced by Alpha Phi at the University of Idaho in Moscow. I must say, the prospect of receiving an education never entered my mind while watching the nearly three minute long video.

It sort of felt like a video Hugh Hefner would have had made in an attempt to promote bunnies in 2001. I sure as hell know I had a craving for ice cream and a cigarette after the video ended.

"Loyalty," "Leadership," "Character Development," and "Service," are all words featured at the end of the video in the credits. I think the more appropriate words for this effort should have been "Pillow Fight," "Houseboat," "Bikini," and "Halter Top." Classroom and campus footage accounted for about 30 seconds of the video, and I love the "Mean Girls" introduction.


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