On Sunday we had to say farewell to a great friend to my kids - our trampoline. They have spent countless hours on that thing...they were even on it up until about 20 minutes before the wind decided to eat it. So - thanks goodness they actually stopped using it for once!

If you have or have had a trampoline then you know that when the wind picks up you start praying that the stakes holding it in the ground stay strong. Up until now they had, but those wind gusts on Sunday proved too much and the trampoline literally folded in half. Then it started making the trip to our neighbors yard as it was pushed along by the wind. I ended up dragging it to a tree in the back and tying it to the trunk because that was the only solid thing around.

The kids actually cried...but I guess the good news is that we know what to buy them for whatever next big event there is. Maybe a trampoline for Valentine's Day or Easter?

What do you use to hold your tramp in place? We had four of those spiral stakes and they didn't do the job this time.

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