The long kept secret is out that Idaho is an amazing place to live. Idaho isn't just cows and potatoes anymore.

OK - You and I know that Idaho was never just cows and potatoes but the rest of the world is just finding this out. But with more people coming here it is really opening up doors of diversity and opportunity. Job options are growing in Idaho and some of them are growing faster than others.

In Twin Falls, I'd bet that one of the fastest growing jobs would have to deal with the medical professions or agriculture, since our town revolves around St. Luke's and farming. Surprisingly, neither of those careers is even on the list of fastest growing jobs. The job with the biggest growth in Idaho is web developer which is great news in Twin Falls since CSI offers IT classes .

If you are looking for a new career or just starting on a path to your first job. Thanks to Zippia you can take a look at the fastest growing jobs in Idaho to better your chances at actually getting hired after graduating or training.

Each job is even clickable with links to career details, average pay, and actual current job openings in Idaho.

Those are the jobs with the biggest growth but if you are also interested in making buckets of money, the top paying job with highest growth out of those ten is Software Developer at around $78,000. In the top 100 fastest growing jobs the average top paid is Chief Executives at over $118,000. Too bad Vice President of a company isn't an entry level career!

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