I'm not one to get all lovey dovey and smooshy with my emotions, and neither is the rest of Idaho. That doesn't mean we don't have feelings. I feel hungry often. I also make jokes when I feel uncomfortable, like when talking about feelings and emotions. And based on the findings of a recent study by Shane Co., most of Idaho understands exactly what I mean and how I feel about expressing my feelings. We don't do it in typical Meg Ryan, love story style. We don't say it in poetry or by buying lavish gifts for our loved ones. In Idaho, we show love by giving our time. We would rather spend a nice moment with you than send you flowers.

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With Valentine's Day coming up in about a month, the way you express your emotions and your 'love language' is going to very important to understand. If you show love by doing nice things and the person you love shows love by buying nice things, you better get that figured out asap so the holiday expectations don't ruin your day.

If you don't know your love language, you can take a simple quiz online to help you figure it out. It took my wife and I a while to figure out our love languages. Neither of us express it in a way that would make a good romance novel. My wife is all about the quality time. She will put off whatever she is doing to spend time with those she cares about, even if it means she'll miss out on something she wanted or needed to do. I show my love by acts of service. I constantly fix things and build things that my family needs. It's sounds similar to what my wife does, except often me working to show love takes my time away from my loved ones. It's kind of a catch-22 for me. But once we figured out our love language it made it easier to understand how and what the other person was doing. It also helped us realize why we hate Valentine's Day so much.

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