When creating company signage, I think it's important to have good visibility, uniqueness and color. One of the things that I find cool about Twin Falls is the way some of the business signs create feelings of nostalgia and curiosity for motorists who pass by them.

I recently took a drive throughout the Twin Falls area and photographed some signs that I find to be the most effective attention grabbers.

Here are my top 10 Twin Falls' business signs, and my reasoning for choosing them:

10. Magic Bowl, Second Avenue East.


There's something about this bowling alley sign that I just find to be enjoyable. Maybe it's the combination of cursive and block lettering. The bowling pin with the lights surrounding it is a nice touch too.

9. Stinker Station, Kimberly Road.


Having moved here from California, where we don't have these service stations, I immediately took notice of the signage. I mean come on, it's a cartoon-looking skunk, wearing boxing gloves. Nuff said!

8. Lezamiz Real Estate, Fillmore Street.


So, when I first moved here, I thought this sign projected a certain message of extreme smugness. I have to say that nowadays, I think it's brilliant, and I hope some day this Lezamiz guy invites me and my family to a barbeque, where I'm sure the champagne will be decent.

7. Shake Out, Kimberly Road.


Throwback all day long with this one. It reminds me of standing in line at the age of seven, waiting to order a vanilla milkshake on a hot, summer day.

6. The mural on Shoshone Street North.


Technically not a business sign, but it is an attention getter. I have no idea what the inspiration was behind this mural, but I like it. You can find it on the side of the Hands On building.

5. Bowladrome, Eastland Drive.


Again, I'm a fan of bowling alley signage. It reminds me of one of my favorite movies "Kingpin," starring Bill Murray and Woody Harrelson. It makes me want to grab the first piece of pizza I see out of someone's hand, take a bite, do the splits and bowl a strike.

4. Formerly Vickers Western Store, 4th Avenue & Gooding.


It's a horse on a roof, and that makes it awesome. Just be careful walking under it.

3. Anchor Bistro & Bar, Blue Lakes Boulevard.


One of my favorites for sure. I'm also a fan of nautical signage. The leaning anchor is impossible to miss, and just screams, "Come in, have some fish n chips and a beer." My only beef is the bartender is a Broncos fan. (It's all good)

2. Orpheum, Main Avenue North.


I love the lettering, surrounded by those cool, vintage looking, tiny light bulbs. And, I'm convinced all historic movie theaters are haunted by a ghost, just like in Scooby Doo.

1. Turf Club, Falls Avenue.


This is hands down my favorite business sign in Twin Falls. The gigantic, roof- top martini and colors, makes it unrivaled in my opinion.

Please feel free to comment on your favorite Twin Falls sign.


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