100% of your donations at Bras Across The Canyon will benefit The Wellness Tree Community Clinic in Twin Falls, but what is The Wellness Tree Community Clinic?

The Wellness Tree Clinic is a nonprofit organization, 501(c)(3) that operates on private donations from individuals, organizations and community grants. We estimate that for every dollar donated to the Wellness Tree we give out approximately $50 worth of healthcare services. The clinic utilizes volunteers to do medical, clinical, and front office duties. We also help train students pursuing medical careers and help them fulfill their community service/volunteer hours required for their programs. Many colleges collaborate with our clinic to train & educate students in medical, dental and mental health fields.

All expenses are covered by private and local donors, local grants and fundraisers.

Basically, if you're down on your luck, jobless, between jobs, broke, uninsured, or under-insured, The Wellness Tree Community Clinic can help you.

Specifically for breast cancer awareness month, 100% of your donations will help The Wellness Tree Community Clinic provide free breast health and wellness services to low income and uninsured individuals in our community.

Most people who are broke, just ignore symptoms of being sick. They push it away and hope it goes away, but it doesn't. Usually it gets worse, and until we irradiate breast cancer entirely, early detection saves lives.

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