The school season for the Twin Falls School District starts on August 20th this year. I haven't even started buying school supplies for the kids yet and that first day of school is going to be here quick! We just finished up McCash for Kids last week and you guys helped us raise more than $3,000 to get school supplies for kids. Awesome!

Now, let's talk about a month or two into the school year when the supplies you brought for your kid start to dwindle. Often the teachers will buy needed items as the necessity comes along. A study has found that the supplies teachers need the most during the year (supplies that parents could volunteer to donate) are glue sticks, tissues and pencils across all grades.

Individual grade needs are a bit different after the general basic items. For kindergarten through 3rd grade they need crayons the most. Loose-leaf paper for 4th, 7th, and 8th grade. Fifth and 6th graders go through a lot of colored pencils and for all of high school grades they need replacement pens through the year.

If you have a kid in school or you just want to help a teacher out - please think about school supply donations throughout the entire school year.

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