I think most of us who like an adult beverage from time to time have one bar we enjoy going to the most. For me, ambiance is important, but it's usually the frequent cast of characters that pull a stool up to the bar that keeps me coming back.

Do you have a favorite bar in Twin Falls based on the clientele that frequent it? I really enjoy people-watching when I'm out with friends at a watering hole. Also, the person behind the bar mixing and pouring the drinks is another important key that inspires me to give repeat business.

Although I didn't frequent the place very often at all, the Klover Klub on Main Avenue West certainly attracts some likable and unique personalities. One of the funnest times I had out was eating nachos and shooting pool at the Ground Round Grill & Bar. Buster's Restaurant & Saloon in Hollister is also a riot, even though it's not technically a Twin Falls establishment.

Obviously, prior to getting married and having two kids I spent more time out among my fellow bar patrons. The friendships formed at these types of establishments are unique in that the bar is the only time we tend to find ourselves in the company of certain people. It's sort of like church in that regard.

Another place in Twin Falls where you're guaranteed a good time is Rock Creek. The bartenders are great, and the people whose butts are on the stools are usually fantastic individuals as well.

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