What would you do with one more hour in the day?  Laundry?  Mow the lawn?  Sure that stuff does need to get done, but come on, here are some way more fun ideas on how to burn an hour in the greater Twin Falls area.

Fried chicken and Shoshone Falls


My mother-in-law and I share a love of Albertson's fried chicken and I love nothing more then grabbing some grub and then heading up to Shoshone Falls for a picnic.  It's quick, easy, and then once we're done, we like to take a nice stroll on the trail to work off that extra chicken leg.

Rent a Canoe at Centennial Park


The Snake River is absolutely beautiful, plus renting a canoe is so cheap and fun, plus it's great exercise.  Pryor Paddle has a bunch of rentals available for you all summer long.

Zip The Snake

Kendra Wolfe, 983TheSnake.com

It's fast, it's up high, and the sights are beautiful.  Zip The Snake, then grab a cold one at Canyon Springs Golf Course.

Golf, But Save Some Green


Summer won't last long and neither will these deals: Seize The Deal and get Ten Rounds of Nine Holes - Nine Hole Punch Card From Pleasant Valley Golf Course.  For me when it comes to golf, I just want to drive the cart around.  :-)  Beware.

Snake VIP Club Slots


I don't know about you, but I opened up the Snake VIP Club slots at work the other day, ya know, just to make sure that it works and I blinked and boom an hour went by.  You can rack up some points and kill some time in either the Snake VIP Club Slots or Blackjack.

So what would you do with an extra hour in the day?

Here are the national results on what women would do with one extra hour in the day according to UPI:

Ginger Consulting, a branding and custom research firm, said its fifth annual "What Women Want" survey also found if women had an additional hour a day, 14 percent would exercise, 6 percent would spend it with their kids, and 2 percent would spend it with friends.