In honor of the 115 year anniversary of the founding of Twin Falls City, I thought it would be interesting to ask some of you what your earliest memory of life in Twin Falls is.

Obviously, life was much different in 1904 when the city of Twin Falls began to form from the actions of people like Mrs. Fred Ramsey, and architect Emmanuel Louis Masqueray, whose designs would eventually spur construction of the earliest buildings in the city. One year later, Twin Falls was officially incorporated.

It is said that humans begin to retain childhood experiences between three and a half and four years of age. So, for most of us, the first memory of life in Twin Falls might consist of things like family campouts, trips to visit area landmarks, walking through a corn maze, a Magic Valley classroom or fishing on the Snake River.

For me, my earliest memory as a non-Idaho resident is visiting the Sawtooth Mountains with my wife in 2006. She went to high school in Twin Falls, before moving to California in the late 90s. We spent many consecutive summers camping with her family in the mountains of southern Idaho.

My first memory of Twin Falls as a resident was pulling into the driveway of the home we still rent in late September of 2016. I remember because it was pouring rain, and the next seven months it felt like it never stopped snowing.

What is your earliest Twin Falls memory?

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