When southern Idaho stomachs growl at unforeseen hours of the evening, everybody has a go-to craving-crushing food item they grab from the kitchen or head to the drive-thru for.

Late-night cravings are common for human beings. Some can curb hunger with a light snack from the pantry, and others need more sustenance. My snack habits have changed drastically over the years, because as we age our bodies just don't handle our past nocturnal, guilty food pleasures as well as they used to.

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As a child, my mom would throw some pizza rolls in the oven if I complained about needing a late-night snack enough. In my teens, I remember Dorritos always handled my cravings pretty well. Then, when I got old enough to drive, Taco Bell was always there for me, and lord knows, I spent many nights passing through that drive-thru getting screwed over on hot sauce packets.

Nowadays, it's something as awful as carrot sticks or an apple that seems to do the trick. Again, aging blows.

Twin Falls has several options for the post-dinner snacking population. A Carl's Jr. Famous Star used to be another item my wife and I would jump in the truck and head down Blue Lakes Boulevard for. With the exception of Subway and the occasional bean and cheese burrito at Taco Bell, I don't eat fast-food very much anymore.

What do you prefer when you're trying to flame out a late-night craving in southern Idaho?

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