Lets face it - Flying sucks and it makes me angry!  Kendra Smash!  But sometimes you have to do it. So just suck it up and smile and get on your damn plane with your mouth shut!  However, this passenger did not follow my rules. 


A passenger went nuts at a flight attendant on a JFK-bound flight on Thursday when he saw that his path to the bathroom was being blocked by a beverage cart, according to the New York Post.

Not gonna lie, that does suck.  I mean have you ever had to use those things?  Gross.  Every time I use one, I wish I was a dude, so I could just stand!  So instead of calmly waiting, here's what happened:

Michael Isabelle of Massachusetts started the mayhem around 6am on an American Airlines flight from Rio de Janeiro. Isabelle kicked the cart repeatedly until it fell over and punched the hapless flight attendant, Carlos Carrico, in the stomach.

Then a couple of other passengers went WWE on the guy, wrestled him to the ground and the angry passenger and his lawyer made sure the guy went to the psych ward to get checked out.  SURE blame it on being crazy.  Or the guy was just an A-HOLE!  Just my opinion though.  :-)

Do you have any scary angry passanger stories to share?  All I've ever experienced is annoying kids repeatedly banging me in the head for 4 hours straight.  That's enough to make you go WWE on someone though.

Here's another question:  Would you have stopped the angry passenger or just minded your own business?

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