If the National Weather Service is right, we'll be seeing snow in the Magic Valley soon. If that happens earlier than expected, I think I know the cause. It could be the snow dance that our friend Brian Neudorff did years ago. Let's relive that special moment. 

If you're new to us, KMVT meteorologist Brian Neudorff does weather for us. Brian is an awesome dude that does many great things for our community including his work with the Special Olympics.

What you may not know if you're new to the area is that Brian also knows how to (and I quote Young MC) "bust a move". This video is proof.

I had forgotten the date, but according to Brian's YouTube channel, this explosion of weather rhythm happened over 5 years ago.

It's possible that our friend Brian is also a trendsetter as there are now many TV weathermen (and women) that have let the rhythm move them. Behold.

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