Today I slept in, mostly because I had a bit too much sauce last night.  So far I've drank an entire pot of coffee, eaten a fatty breakfast, taken some extra strength headache medicine and I 'm still hurting.  But shhhh don't tell my boss.   So when you do sleep in, can you?

For me, on a normal morning it takes about an hour to look this good. :-)

300x200_Super Boobs

OK back to sleeping in.  Today I slept in.  Usually I get up at 5 AM, it takes me about one hour to look half way decent.  Sometimes I get to rock my pink chucks and a Rolling Stones t-shirt, but there are other times when I need to look all professional like.  Either way it takes me an hour to get ready.

As for this morning, ya know I slept in and all, I woke up without an alarm at 6AM.  Wide awake and still hung over.  What the hell?  This happens on weekends too, only it's worst!  Every weekend I open my eyes wide awake at 5AM only to find our dog staring at me wagging his tail.  Then I have to act like I'm sleeping, he's too smart to believe me.

And I don't take naps, so how's a girl supposed to sleep in?  What about you?  When you do sleep in, can you?  What time do you wake up?  Comment below or keep the comments coming on 98.3 The Snake's Facebook Page.

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