Back-in-the-day, when I was in college, I survived off of free food.  Mostly pizza and Mountain Dew.  While I have nothing against these delicious staples, they were not too healthy to eat on the daily.  So when I find gourmet free food, I must share!

OK So where can you get FREE FOOD THIS FRIDAY in Twin Falls

Snake River Pool & Spa!  Yes, every Friday, Snake River Pool & Spa is hooking you up with free samples from their Traeger Grill.  So around lunch time on Friday, check out the Classic Rock Lunch Box and score some free grub from Snake River Pool & Spa.  I've worked it into my weekly schedule.  Is that sad?

Either way, it's free, good, food!  Do you know of a place to get free food in the Magic Valley?  Hook me up!

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