When I was a kid, we always ate dinner at the dinner table and NOT in front of the TV. Today, this has flip-flopped and I'm trying to change that.

I've been trying to get my husband to eat at the dinner table with our son, but he won't do it.

Eating at the dinner table means we are only eating and nothing else. So we can concentrate on chewing our food, not over eating, and maybe we can toss in a conversation about how our days went. Oh and no smart phones at the table!

Also, if you don't eat on the couch, you can't spill chips n' salsa on the couch, which happened last night. (Fist shake!)

Seriously, I walked in the room to hear my husband cursing, which he seldom does and then we locked eyes and he knew that I knew that he spilled salsa all over our nice couch. Oh and then he tells me that the couch is not that new. OK it's over three years old now, but so what?! Take care of your stuff. Respect your home for goodness sakes!!! Sigh.

So until my husband comes to the dark side, my son and I will be eating dinner at the dinner table. What about you?

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