Maybe it explains why I see more people driving seven miles under the speed limit on Eastland Drive.  Idaho is a popular spot for retirement.  Usually, we don’t score well in national surveys.  This one places Idaho at ninth on the list of best places.  The states are a mix geographically and politically.

Florida is tied at number two.  It scores high on quality of life.  After all, there isn’t much snow and you only need to run faster than your spouse when approached by an alligator or hungry python.

The Dakotas and Minnesota also make the top ten and are very cold and blustery places.  Colorado and Idaho share some of the same weather conditions.  Minnesota is number one for healthcare.  It’s also home to the Mayo Clinic.

Idaho doesn’t appear to score especially well on any of the metrics, but it doesn’t show many extremes.  I believe what benefits the state the most is that most people here live in cities or suburbs.  I live in Twin Falls.  On the north side, which more resembles a suburb than an urban area.  It has a large hospital, dozens of medical offices, Costco, and Walmart.  Not to mention a dazzling array of restaurant choices.  Within a few blocks of my home, I can buy groceries at three locations and have multiple options for clothing, shoes, and cars.

There is a certain charm if you live in Buhl or Kimberly, but for those approaching the classification of geezer, the north side offers convenience.  Oh, and someone else shovels my walk and plows the drive.

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