It's the unofficial final weekend of summer and time to say goodbye to your flip flops, winterize the boat, and find the boxes of winter clothes.

Before we say adios to the summer fun, you may be planning one last vacation and here's the best way you can save money on that trip - especially if you drive a truck. Find the lowest gas prices! Obviously it doesn't make sense to drive around burning gas looking for the lowest price, so GasBuddy has a constantly updating list of the lowest gas prices in The Magic Valley.

Currently, the lowest priced gas in Twin Falls is at Costco and the Maverik on Blue Lakes for $2.24 p/g. The most expensive gas is almost 20 cents higher at Chevron gas stations. I understand that Chevron gas has additives that are supposed to be better for your car, but is it worth the extra money? In my 26 gallon tank, that's an extra $5.20!

Personally, I feel weird driving to Costco for gas because I don't have a membership, but if you do I hear it is a great place to go. I do have a card at Maverik and I get the low gas price plus a few cents off, so chances are you'll see me today in my truck getting some cheap gas on Blue Lakes.

Extra points to me for writing this whole thing and not making any 'gas' jokes!

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