UPDATE: Movie times going forward will be at 9:30 PM due to daylight. The dates and movies will remain the same. 

Although some nights may be cooler than others and the weather goes from hot to cold within hours, for the most part, it is beginning to feel like summer. With the warmer nights happening and events picking up all over the Magic Valley, there is one thing that many of us look forward to in the summertime and that is watching movies under the stars. No matter where you grew up, odds are at some point you have gone to a park, a pool, or a drive-in and enjoyed a movie outside in the summer, and in the Magic Valley, it is no different.

Movie Nights this Summer in Buhl

Credit: Arkadiusz Wargu?a
Credit: Arkadiusz Wargu?a

For those that enjoy summer movies outside, they will start this weekend in Buhl at 523 Sawtooth Ave.. The movies will be showing at 9 PM and will be put on by the Boys and Girls Club of Buhl. Make sure to bring your lawn chairs if you want them, a blanket to sit on, as well as your snacks and drinks. This is a great way to get outside and enjoy a beautiful night as a family, as well as with the community. As much as you want to socialize, don't ruin the movie for those that are trying to watch it though.

Boys and Girls Club of Buhl Movie Nights

Credit: Boys and Girls Club of Buhl
Credit: Boys and Girls Club of Buhl

The Boys and Girls Club will be holding four movies throughout the summer, with the first being this Friday, June 17. They will be showing 'Encanto' this weekend. The movies will then be every other week through the end of July. On Friday, July 1 they will be showing 'Incredibles 2.' On Friday, July 15 'Moana' will air, with the final showing of the summer being on Friday, July 29 with 'Wreck-It Ralph' being the last movie. Family-friendly films make it easy for all ages to attend, but staying up through the movie will be another story for the little ones. With the cost being free, don't worry about them falling asleep, it may make your night that much easier and enjoyable. Make sure to click the Boys and Girls Club link in this paragraph to see all the events they have going on this summer. 

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If you want to enjoy some summer nights under the stars, watching fun family movies, look no further. Load up the car, grab your favorite snacks and drinks, a blanket or chairs, and head out to Buhl this Friday and every other Friday in July. Summer nights are finally here and movies under the stars are a great way to spend them. 

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