Being in the Magic Valley, when we want exotic woods or very fine grade stuff, we often have to order it.  Whether that's through a retailer, or online.  One of my favorite woodworkers, Marc Spagnuolo at The Wood Whisperer, recommended a few places.  A while back I tried going with Marc's suggestion, using for about 20 bf of 1" cherry.

I didn't go with any elaborate grain patterns - I simply just wanted minimal knots and minimal heartwood, as I needed as much red/pink as possible, and of course no warping.  I'm not a fan of staining to desired colors - if I want brown, I use walnut, etc.

I was VERY pleased with crlumber.  The thing I feared most was getting warped boards since I couldn't actually select specific boards, being an online order.  But the wood was just as described, and very straight.

Share with us, where do YOU get your wood?

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