Music fans were enraged last night (Aug. 12) when live performances from the Who and Kinks frontman Ray Davies were bumped from NBC’s prime-time coverage of the 2012 Olympics closing ceremony. 

Despite dedicating two and a half hours of airtime to the event, NBC wound up trimming the Who’s four-song set and Davies’ rendition of ‘Waterloo Sunset,’ as well as much-anticipated performances from alternative rock stars Muse and Kate Bush from their broadcast. Instead, at 11 PM ET the network aired a preview episode of their new sitcom ‘Animal Practice.’

The Who’s mini-set, which could have served as a nice preview of their upcoming North American tour, instead was aired as part of a separate show which aired after midnight. Fans took to Twitter — frequently using the hashtags #NBCfail and #closingceremonies — to express their displeasure. As @maura put it, “ahahaha wow dragging out the who appearance UNTIL MIDNIGHT so people will watch this idiot animal show, NBC you are awful.”

As of Monday morning, footage of the closing ceremony was not yet available from NBC’s official Olympics website…. but we found it right here.

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