Does south Idaho have a serial killer of cattle in its midst? State police are investigating the repeated shootings of livestock in one specific county located in southeastern Idaho.

The latest cattle fatality was discovered June 19 near Soda Springs, which is located a little more than two hours east of Twin Falls. According to the latest information shared by, a deceased cow resulting from a gunshot was reported to the Caribou County Sheriff's Office. Law enforcement verified the finding just before noon on Wednesday.

This is not the first time cattle have been found dead from gunshots in the area. Recently, both cows and bulls have been gunned down in the area of Chesterfield, which is also in Caribou County. This matter remains under investigation.

In Idaho, there doesn't appear to be any direct laws I could uncover pertaining to causing the intentional death of livestock. Title 25 covers many laws pertaining to animals in the state, but is on the vague side when it comes to this type of matter.

If you have any information on the shooting deaths of these animals in Caribou County, please call 208-547-2561.



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