Apparently, the proposed merger is causing some people to lose sleep.  I would’ve assumed it was only the people who work there and fear being downsized.  Yahoo Finance claims shoppers are worried about the marriage between the two large chains.

As for job losses, isn’t this already happening?  When I walk into Smith’s early on weekend mornings, I’ve noticed an actual cashier isn’t available as early as she used to be on the job.  I’m directed to self-checkout, though.  I don’t get any benefits from scanning my own groceries.

The competition at Walmart recently converted almost every checkout to customer operation.  I suspect this has helped tamp down some of the worst aspects of inflation.  Proof there is still competition out there for cost-conscious consumers.  The day may come when we only have one grocery setting prices and buying Congressman to forestall any price fixing investigations but it still remains a long way into the future.

A Kroger/Albertson’s merger could cause some stores to close.  Possibly, and in fact, the company would have two shops on Addison Avenue in Twin Falls about four blocks apart.  Both the Smith's (Kroger) and the Albertsons are small when compared to the same stores elsewhere.  The Burley Smith’s dwarfs the Twin Falls counterpart and the Treasure Valley Albertsons makes my local store look outdated.  I actually believe you could see both stores close on Addison Avenue, followed by a much larger store opening on South Washington Street.  A larger facility with greater variety, more parking, and perhaps even a restaurant.

I’m keeping an open mind on the merger.

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