You learn as you get older that there are some questions that can never be answered. In Twin Falls, I have a big one. Why does the train only go backwards when I'm on Shoshone waiting?

I have no doubt that an engineer and/or train employee will speak up and have a simple answer for this. But, until that happens, I am convinced that there is a conspiracy at work in this town.

Here's the scenario: If I'm driving anywhere in Twin Falls and hear the train, I can prove by eyewitnesses that it will slowly proceed across the crossing over Shoshone (and NOT stop) if I'm not there. But, if I'm actually there waiting, it will stop in the middle of the intersection, then back up, then move forward a little bit, then back up again. Rinse, repeat.

This is the offending train mystery location.

Google Maps
Google Maps

I swear that I know more about Bigfoot's location in Southern Idaho than I know about why the train needs to go forward and backward multiple times in the middle of the afternoon.

Do you have the answer? Or, is this another one of the many Magic Valley mysteries that just can't be solved?

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