Alicia Guastaferro is notorious for being one of the least likable reality TV stars of all time (which is saying something considering the competition). In a 2008 appearance on ‘Wife Swap’ she was spoiled by her parents who leave their Christmas tree up all year and shower her daily with gifts (during the show she received a Chevy Tahoe as one present). Later, the local beauty queen would tell the cameras, “I do feel sorry for people that are not gorgeous people.”

If you’re up for a little schadenfreude, Guastaferro was arrested this week and charged with prostitution, possession of a controlled dangerous substance (i.e., drugs) and criminal impersonation.

Guastaferro was arrested after State Police were called to a rest stop on the New York Thruway near Buffalo. Inside they found her and her alleged john, James Doyle passed out drunk. Police questioned Guastaferro who admitted she was being paid between $500-$700 to perform various sex acts on Mr. Doyle.

Following her ‘Wife Swap’ appearance, Guastaferro attempted to sue producers and ABC for $100 million because of the public embarrassment she endured after her widely derided appearance on the show. We’re  no Judge Judy but we’re going to say that case probably won’t be successful for Ms. Guastaferro.

Guastaferro is involved in another lawsuit, after she sued the local strip club she worked at, saying she was stiffed (ahem) for overtime pay. Her family, once wealthy, is no longer such after her father was convicted of money laundering and her mother of tax evasion. Christmas is apparently over.

The question is, Guastaferro felt sorry for all the not gorgeous people, do you feel sorry for her?

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