The road conditions are hit and miss day to day lately and it has caused each morning to be a mystery if you can make it to work or not. There have been mornings with fog, deep snow, slick ice, and slush. Each road condition brings its challenges to driving and because of that people are being extra cautious and not driving their normal habits. With slower drivers and more sliding than usual, it can often bring out road rage, for those that don't want to be as cautious.

Honking At People Stuck In The Snow

Credit: Thom Holmes on Unsplash
Credit: Thom Holmes on Unsplash

As road conditions change day to day there are going to be days cars get stuck due to the deepness of snow, losing control, the ice, or several other reasons. With road rage seeming to be at an all-time high during the winter driving, people seem to want to honk at the stuck cars. It isn't like the cars are stuck on purpose or want to be in your way, but it happens. The honking solves nothing, and if you feel the urge, just take a big breath and realize, the person stuck is having a worse time than you right now.

Flipping The Bird Makes Things Worse

Credit: Zacke Feller on Unsplash
Credit: Zacke Feller on Unsplash

It is one thing to honk at the slow drivers or cars stuck, but birds have been seen flying all over town. Going back to honking, the slow drivers are doing what they are comfortable with and the stuck drivers are having a worse time than you. There is no reason to flip the bird to them when the friendly thing would be to see if they need help. Control the urge to lift the finger, and just pass them without making their day worse then it already is. 

Tailgating Is A Bad Idea On Snow and Ice

Tailgating in the fun sense of grilling out on a truck bed is fine, no matter the weather. Tailgating as in driving close to people during the winter conditions is not. Make sure to not get too close to fellow drivers, as anyone can lose control at any time. You may be going at a faster pace than some, but make sure to tap your breaks and pull back and take your time. It is better to make it safe than in a quick time. Riding their bumper will not make them go any faster, but it may make them panic and nobody wants to be the cause of a wreck. 

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I am just as guilty as anyone about road rage, but when it comes to winter weather, it is best for us all to be patient, calm, and supportive of each other. Not everyone has the same driving experience on snow, ice, and slush. Not everyone has the same type of vehicle to navigate through messy conditions. Most people and places will be understanding if you are a little late with the weather. Most businesses will most likely just be happy you made it in, even if a little late. Drive safe, drive patient, and drive less mad. Reach your destination and be friendly to your fellow drivers out there. 

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