Epping, N.H. can no longer be described as a “sleepy little town,” mainly because nobody has been able to get to sleep thanks to Joyce Coffey. The 53-year old woman was arrested three times in one day earlier this week for blasting music, which included AC/DC‘s ‘Highway to Hell,’ according to the Union Leader.

On Tuesday (Aug. 28) afternoon, Coffey received a visit from local police after several neighbors complained about the volume of music coming from inside her house. Coffey complied only until the officers were out of earshot, and a return visit by the police an hour later led to her first arrest when she refused to turn down the volume.

Coffey was released on personal recognizance bail, but later that evening, another round of complaints brought the cops back to her house for a second arrest. She was again released but this time, she was ordered to not play her music until 10AM Wednesday.

Most people would have gotten the hint, but not Joyce Coffey of Epping, N.H. At 1:10AM on Wednesday, nine hours before she was allowed to play music again, another complaint came in. Officer Matt Blonigen pulled up to her house and heard ‘Highway to Hell’ blasting although, to be fair, that’s the only way to listen to the song.

“When I walked up to the screen door at the side of Joyce’s house,” Blonigen wrote in his affidavit. “I saw that the stereo was placed near the doorway and the speakers were pointed out the door.”

She was arrested again under charges of disorderly conduct and breach of bail conditions. At the arraignment the next morning, the judge barred her from playing music between 8:00PM and 10:00AM.

Although Coffey complied with the judge’s ruling, she was arrested a fourth time later that afternoon following a call of domestic disturbance. Apparently she got into an argument with her nephew and hit him with a frying pan.

Coffey, who also has a home in Kentucky, has been ordered to undergo a mental health evaluation, after which she will be confined to her house with electronic monitoring.

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