UPDATE: The story has been verified as being a hoax, thanks to the fact someone had previously stolen this woman's "3 breast prosthesis." The jig is officially up.

A story began circling the internet this week in which a woman claimed to have had a third breast added to her chest in an attempt to deter men. After much research, I have come to the conclusion that this is, unfortunately, a hoax.

Here's what we know about the three-breasted woman, also known as Jasmine Tridevil:

  • She is a 21-year-old woman from Florida
  • She has three boobs

Outside of those two facts, we don't really know much more about her. Just last month, she launched both her Facebook page and Twitter account. In this day and age, doesn't it seem a little suspect that a 21-year old woman would just now be launching social media accounts?

Now, I understand that maybe she launched them after getting the procedure done, so I'll move on.

According to Snopes, there are countless other problems with her story:

A New York magazine article about the woman's third breast revealed a potentially relevant aspect of Tridevil's claim: According to that site, the Florida woman claimed her surgeon forced her to sign a non-disclosure agreement, and therefore the obvious avenue of corroboration for her claim was closed off.

So, because of this non-disclosure agreement, we will never hear from the doctor that allegedly performed the operation.

And, what about this:

Another red flag in Tridevil's tale was her stated motivation: Surgeons are ethically bound to decline performing cosmetic surgery on patients without certain mental health clearances (i.e., ensuring that patients do not have unrealistic expectations or motivations driven by psychological disorders), and in an interview Tridevil made the rather bizarre claim she set out to make herself look less attractive to men by opting to get a third breast implant.

I think any intelligent doctor could see some major mental issues with a woman that decided to toss a third boob on her chest.

Finally, just look at this picture Tridevil posted to Instagram:

Now, I'm no doctor or anything, but one would think that if you were to add a bubble of skin to encase a third boob, there'd be some sort of strange Frankenstein-like scarring going on. However, the third boob looks seamless.

Maybe the cosmetic surgeon that did the alleged operation was just really, really good or, maybe, just maybe, this is all completely fake.

If you'll recall, almost exactly one year ago, Jimmy Kimmel played a hoax on the entire country by employing a stuntwoman to create the world's greatest twerking fail:

Could this be just another one of Kimmel's epic pranks?? Tridevil claims on Facebook that she's already booked appearances on Kimmel and Inside Edition. Seems a little too coincidental that it was exactly one year ago that Kimmel tricked us all with the twerking prank and now one of the first shows Tridevil mentions she's going to be on is his.

So, what do you think? Is this real life or are we just dealing with another elaborate hoax?

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