Carla Chapman, a 47-year-old resident of Plant City, FL, was tending to her garden when all of a sudden the ground swallowed her up into a giant sinkhole, measuring 25 in. wide and 7 ft. deep.

Within a matter of seconds, her 5' 7'' frame was fully submerged underground and there was no way she could maneuver out of the hole by herself.

Fortunately, Chapman had her cell phone in hand, but there was no reception in the hole. In one last ditch effort, she dialed 911, threw the phone into the air and hoped the dispatchers could here her call for help. They did.

The Park City Fire Department rushed to Chapman's home where they heard screams coming from the ground. Only her fingertips were visible. After the department attempted to pull Chapman from the Earth's grip several times, they were finally able to remove her from the hole.

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