It's time to play the Would You Rather Game. This edition features the women on Twin Falls counties most wanted list. They're beautiful, they've got tattoos and they're the law.

Once a week you will have a chance to vote on your favorite Woman of Twin Falls Most Wanted. The felon with the most votes wins to battle another week. Soon there will only be one Most Wanted Woman left.....Your vote decides their fate.

This week, it's Tina Patricia Williams VS Elisa De Hoyos. So Would You Rather?

VOTE HERE! Or meet the contestants:

Please meet the lovely Elisa De Hoyos. She weighs in at 137 pounds, five feet, three inches, with matching brown hair and eyes and yes, she's Hispanic. You may recognize her with a flower tattoo on her right arm and a tattoo of her son on her shoulder.


She makes this list due to "Failure to appear in court three times" Bond is set to $150,000.00. Either way if you see her...RUN!

Please meet Tina Patricia Williams. This white female is 5' 2" weight 115. Rocking hazel eyes and brown hair...well some of her hair is brown. You'll know it's her based on her fairy tattoo on her left ankle and her flower tramp stamp.


The only reason she's on this list is because of a controlled substance possession. No bond has been set. Either way if you see her...RUN!

Don't forget to VOTE! Each week we will feature a new Twin Falls Counties Most Wanted Women. You pick who stays and who goes until we crown one final winner! Voting closes Mondays at midnight.

If you have any information about the whereabouts of these women on the lam, please contact Crime Stoppers:

This report contains a current listing of active Twin Falls County Warrants. The warrant list is updated Monday through Friday and may not reflect warrants that have been served that day, on the weekend, or warrants that have been withdrawn by the courts. This list is for information only. If the whereabouts of an individual on this list is believed to be known, notify the proper law enforcement agency, or to remain anonymous call Crime Stoppers at (208)732-5387.


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