Not very often do we get to talk about a wild animal doing something in Yellowstone for no real reason caused by a human. This is one of those days. A bison in Yellowstone was hanging out on the side of the road and apparently, woke up on the wrong side of the bed.

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In the video, the bison is on the side of the road with some of his bison friends when a car decided to try to stealthily meander by without hurting anyone. Thankfully, the driver did not attempt to get out of the vehicle. Mr. Grumpy Bison Pants over here decided that the car got a little too close, even though he was the one too close to the road, and headbutted it.

This is obviously a joke, and the vehicle did not appear to sustain any real damage. Whenever you go to places like Yellowstone, you run the risk of encountering wildlife that can cause damage. There are plenty of ways to prevent any serious injury and the vehicle driving by the bison did everything correctly. Bravo to them!

I feel like bison, in general, are grumpy right now. If you check out YouTube you can see multiple videos of bison fighting or bumping each other. Some people are dumb enough to get too close to the fighting bison as well. Yes, they will kill you if you get to close on a normal day, especially right now.

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