Well, this is new. One of our fellow Idahoans and put a GoPro camera on a goat. Why? Because we can.

The following description was shared by Double H Adventures on YouTube:

Juan Belmonte is a pack goat named after the famous 1920's Spanish bullfighter of the same name. Belmonte the goat enjoys long hikes, bird watching, scrapbooking, and videography in his spare time. Here he records the action and snacks on sagebrush as he and his brothers descend an Idaho mountain with their father while carrying elk meat from father's archery hunted bull. Belmonte is a very good boy.

Here's the funny thing about this. When I heard that an Idahoan put a GoPro on a goat, I didn't even question whether that was a good idea. I just wanted to see what the goat video looked like. That is telling.

This goat inspired me to learn more about the actual Juan Belmonte including the fact that he appeared as a character in a Woody Allen film as a buddy to Ernest Hemingway, according to his Wikipedia page. Yet another Idaho connection there.

See? You just learned more about a goat's ability to do videos and Juan Belmonte than you expected today.

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