What do you do when you just have to let the drumsticks fly? If you're in Idaho, you take your kit out to highway 55. Yes, this is really happening.

Kudos to our YouTube friend, Hey Arnel, for capturing video of this outdoors Idaho musician. For this to really make sense, you really need to check out the explanation at around the 1:33 mark. The magic happened approximately here.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Why would one take to the outdoors for their drumming fix? Simple. When you live in an apartment, your neighbors would not appreciate your practice sessions.

Why the highway? This is Idaho common sense in all its glory. You don't want to go into the woods or a park and scare the wildlife. If you're right next to the highway, you have easy access to pull your car in and out without hassle. And, no one is likely to complain since the vehicle sounds near the roadway ain't pretty either.

Well-played Idaho drum friend. Please continue wailing like nobody's watching.

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