The Schuldies family have been on my mind since I heard about what the Twin Falls County Sheriff's Department are calling a double murder suicide (11/15/14).

I didn't personally know the deceased. However, I did meet George Salinas once at the Pioneer Club. He seemed like a really nice guy. I never formally met LeAnn Schuldies, but I always took notice of her at Elevation 486. There was just something magnetic about her.

No matter what the police uncover about this horrible situation, there are four children that have lost their mother. I can't imagine the hurt they are feeling right now and if you do decide to help the Schuldies family you can below.

There is a GoFundMe set up to help the Schuldies' children: 

Please help us in our efforts to cover the funeral costs for Leann and Brianna, and more importantly to help rebuild a foundation for her children's future. A small amount of proceeds will go towards funeral expenses, but the balance will be dedicated to giving her children at least some kind of a Christmas, and most importantly, the creation of long-term financial funds, hopefully paving the way towards a brighter future for these innocent survivors.

It's absolutely heart-wrenching.

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