Do you recognize this young man? I may be a terrible judge of age but this guy looks like he can't be more than 19 years old, if that. Well, he was busted allegedly walking out with a grocery cart full of beer.

This young man allegedly didn't pay for all the booze he strolled out the door with. Probably because he isn't old enough to purchase it or can't afford it. Maybe both. Either way the Jerome Police Department is asking for your help so they can talk to him about the incident.

Fortunately the Jerome Police Department seems to have a pretty good sense of humor about the entire thing. They seem more upset they didn't get invited to the party he was likely supplying. Not sure if the police are upset because they wanted to join the party or if they wanted to see if those at the party were of age.

We have all done some pretty silly things in our young age. I have seen teenagers bolt from grocery stores with a case of beer, maybe two, but this guy strolls out with an entire grocery cart.

Some people are curious why no one stopped him. It is my understanding, at least in Las Vegas, that cashiers at grocery stores are told not to try to stop a theft because it could end up with a bigger issue if the person of interest has a weapon or decides to fight back. Police are going to take care of it just fine and if history is any indication, the community is going to help as well.

Is it wrong I kind of hope this guy's mom sees this post and grounds him?

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