Well, this isn't good news if you got a DNA test that you were really excited about the results. Old test results through Ancestry.com may not be accurate anymore. I've never had a DNA test to find out my family roots. Ancestry research has been a huge part of my family for my entire life. My parents have a room dedicated to genealogy and a massive family tree on the wall.

It is exciting finding out where you are from and who you are related to. Through our family research we found out that some friends we had made here in Twin Falls are my relatives. The wife of my friend is my grandfathers-sisters-sons-daughter. Sounds like a country song almost!

Some people haven't done any family research or have hit roadblocks in their search. Perhaps the next best thing is a DNA test to see from where your family line comes. But now some of those DNA results may no longer be accurate. The Sydney Morning Herald has details on changes coming to Ancestry.com. Since there are more people excited and interested in their ancestors now than a decade ago, their genealogy results are more refined and that may mean changes for many people.

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