Zakk Wylde has a typically imposing demeanor between the Black Label Society jacket and gruff appearance, but everyone has a soft side — even Zakk! He showcased it over 20 years ago on Book of Shadows, an acoustic solo album, and he is revisiting the more somber side of music again with Book of Shadows II. Packed with 14 songs (track listing below), the first offering from the record comes by way of the calming yet mournful "Sleeping Dogs."

Opening in a dream-like haze with fluttery guitar work, the sunshine beaming over Wylde's knuckles in the spotlight picture (in the video above) is a perfect representation of the feeling conveyed by the song. The mood shifts to a bit of a darker overtone, but the light grazing over the strings as Wylde's hand strums keeps an uplifting feel to "Sleeping Dogs." Mournful lead work is introduced with an electric guitar as the singer continues to croon, seemingly bearing his soul over the song's four and a half minute duration.

Book of Shadows II will be out April 8 via eOne and fans who pre-order the album will receive an instant gratification download on "Sleeping Dogs" to stay satiated until the album's release. A bundle is available that includes a signed copy of the album by Zakk and a 17"x11" poster.

Wylde just wrapped up performing on the Axes and Anchors cruise, stepping off the boat and right back onto the stage leading the Experience Hendrix tour. The annual trek celebrates the life and work of the great Jimi Hendrix and features other music greats like Buddy Guy and Billy Cox.

Zakk Wylde, Book of Shadows II Artwork


Zakk Wylde, Book of Shadows II Track Listing

01. "Autumn Changes"
02. "Tears of December"
03. "Lay Me Down"
04. "Lost Prayer"
05. "Darkest Hour"
06. "The Levee"
07. "Eyes of Burden"
08. "Forgotten Memory"
09. "Yesterday's Tears"
10. "Harbors of Pity"
11. "Sorrowed Regret"
12. "Useless Apologies"
13. "Sleeping Dogs"
14. "The King"

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