You didn’t think we’d have Zakk Wylde visit our studio without him telling a new Ozzy Osbourne story, did you? It’s practically become tradition at this point, so with that said, here’s an exclusive clip of Zakk Wylde sharing an Ozzy Osbourne drinking story.

The year is 2002 and Ozzy Osbourne, with his solo band, just rocked Nippon Budokan Hall in Tokyo, Japan. The show was filmed for Ozzy’s CD/DVD Live at Budokan, but what wasn’t documented is what Zakk told us about what went on after the gig.

Zakk Wylde had a habit of carrying some extra beer with him on tour, just in case the night’s venue happened to be dry. Ozzy was struggling to maintain his sobriety during this time, as documented on The Osbournes within this very period. Ozzy couldn’t touch a drop of booze in front of anyone, so he went to Zakk and the guitarist’s surefire stash of cold ones.

Zakk was willing to tell the story because Ozzy’s wife, Sharon Osbourne, now knows about it. We won’t completely give it away, but it involves a stealth meeting between Ozzy and Zakk in the Budokan’s bathroom. We’ll let Zakk take it from there.

Check out Zakk Wylde’s latest Ozzy Osbourne story in the clip above!

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