One of my favorite things about our beautiful city is Zoo Boise. It's small enough to navigate in 2-3 hours, but it has tons of cool animals and exhibits. COVID-19 has shut down Zoo Boise for three months, but you can take the kids to see the animals once again! Here's when. 

According to an article on, Monday, June 22nd, Zoo Boise will open their gates and welcome in guests. Health and Safety precautions will be in place, so the process of getting your tickets and your visit will be very different.

Zoo Boise will be implimenting a timed entry process. You'll purchase tickets online and then you'll have a time slot to go to the zoo with a 30-minute block to get inside.

In addition to the timed entry, social distancing and wearing masks will be highly encouraged.

Also be aware that some elements of the zoo will remain closed such as the playground, the carousel, the Penguin Pavilion, Small Animal Kingdom, Schoolhouse, and Bat-House.

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